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Helping you truly digitalise your business and allowing you to focus on earning money.

Our Story

How COVID-resilient is your business?

With mobile and remote working now the norm you need to coordinate a wider range of tasks through a digital value chain:

  • Enable advertising on your web site for local retailers and partners to increase your revenue while you sleep
  • Integrate with your own designated suppliers and partners
  • Maintain the right insurance
  • Organise deliveries and plan logistics
  • Keep customers engaged and personalise their service
  • Block hackers and stay cybersecure
  • Manage GDPR in your business
  • Digital tools needed to help you manage your business wherever you are, and everywhere your customers live
  • Take immediate payment
  • Create good video output and stream (and store) output to clients

Our Value Add

Keep all your digital tools in one place

AddVentures helps you to find the best and most relevant apps for your business. Manage your subscriptions through one account, connect to your bank account, and integrate data across all of your tools.


Single subscription

Manage all of your digital tools through one account and track the value you get


Optimise your business

Reduce your costs, focus on customers and manage your resources (time, people, logistics, cashflow) to maximise your profits in the new normal.


Integrate Data

Make sure your apps speak to each other and share data securely so you don’t have repetitive tasks or lost data

For Fintechs

As an AddVentures partner you can benefit from our best-in-class expertise, become a part of our solutions and ecosystem, and gain access to our customer base in a global market place .

AddVentures Partner Catalogue

We've done all the hard work for you.

We've found leaders in “Next Gen” partners, pre-vetted and proven business solutions, across a wide sector of categories bringing you real diversity that bring true value add services whilst you make net new revenue.

Biz Tech

Services that range across simplified accountancy; automated tax reclaim; online training solutions; cloud tech and security

Pay Tech

Offers modern payment solutions from alternative cross-border money transfers to front end ePOS and mPOS solutions.

Reg Tech

Compliance and regulation with partners that offer innovative solutions around KYC, Fraud, Security and GDPR

Loan Tech

Alternative loans & advance services are transforming the industry, allowing you to serve the ‘under-served’ without the risk

Wealth Tech

Auto-wealth solutions provide your customers savings, utilising AI and machine learning to deliver strong value

Bank Tech

New generation of cutting-edge services including round-up, rewards, offers, categorisation quick signup etc.

Insure Tech

Refers to technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model

Trade Tech

Reduction of costs of international trade, facilitate trade finance, and increase transparency in trading operations.

Asset Tech

Availability of smart contracts, Peer-to-Peer transactions, blockchain-powered trading platforms, & decentralised ledgers

Why choose us

People choose us because we serve the best to everyone

Innovative Solutions

We constantly survey the market for the most innovative offerings which we believe would compliment our portfolio of partners, saving you the time of both keeping up and researching.

Quick Revenue

We aim to bring new revenue into your business within weeks! Working with the best in class means you are rewarded with huge reductions in time, cost and effort compared to the traditional projects run inside companies.

Experienced Team

With a wealth of experience behind the team working across many global markets, we are positioned well to understand the various difference cultures, and company cultures to provide strong engagements throughout the partnerships.

Strong Portfolio

It takes more than just a good product/service to make it into the portfolio! Our selected partners are best in class on all levels; from products to technology to integration. The huge benefit to our clients is a shopping basket of high quality partners with very low risks associated.

For FinTechs

As an AddVentures partner you can benefit from our best-in-class expertise, become a part of our solutions and ecosystem, and gain access to our customer base in a global market place


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